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onecredible chain with blocks of value

build your product credibility

build your product credibility

With onecredible, you are guaranteed the purchase of authentic products through the blockchain technology. A blockchain is a time-stamped series of data that is distributed and managed by a network of independent computers.

build your product credibility

control your supply chain

Thanks to the combination of blockchain technology, the mobile application, integration with the most popular e-commerce systems, designed administration panels and user operators, the credibility of your products will be under control throughout their life.

build your product credibility

prove your
hidden value

The specially designed network that we put in onecredible not only stores data, but also constantly monitors processes and prevents any attempts to falsify the stored information.

how to become credible? we know the answer!

Onecredible is a friendly tool for your business partners, a clear application for your clients and an intuitive management panel for you. All this so that incredible is present at every stage of a product's life.

how onecredible verification works

1. onecredible adaptation Before implementing oncredible in your company, we need to better understand the processes and systems of your business. Only in this way will we be able to adapt oncredible to your needs. 2. product history logging Thanks to onecredible app, milestone steps in the process of building your product history will be gathered in one place. Each of your business partners will be able to enter information about the next stage, but no one will be able to change the historical information. 3. product data storage in a secure database The whole story will be built and saved right in front of your eyes in a secure database step by step. We use blockchain to secure all the product history information. Additionally, we verify each new entry in the product history and add only those to the database that pass the positive verification of the blockchain network.
4. data control by QR scans From the first saved step, by scanning a QRCode dedicated to a particular batch of products you and your customers will be able to track the reliability of your product. 5. product credibility confirmation onecredible will ensure incredible experiences for you and your customers. Benefit from building credibility not only for you and your products, but also for your trusted resellers.

what we talk about when we talk about onecredible

One step to credibility

One step to credibility

Onecredible is compatible with the most popular e-commerce systems, and additionally we can easily adapt it to the needs of your company



Step by step and point by point. This is how the credibility and quality of products are built. Add your unique supply chain values to onecredible.

Turn credibility into profit

Turn credibility into profit

Uniqueness, quality, value and originality are the elements that impact your clients’ purchasing decisions. Show them the entire credible and amazing history of creating the products

Quality under contro

Quality under control

Onecredible will allow you to control every point in your supply chain that builds the prestige of your brand and is appreciated by customers

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